5 Metal Stamping Uses You Should Know About

Metal Stamping is the process where sheet metal is transformed into shapes using dies or presses. This is done a lot of the time without heat. The flat sheets of metals are normally called blanks. This metal is fed to the presses that have a tool or a die surface that helps form the shape of the metal. These machines use pressure to shape the metal into the shape they want.

Metal stamping is also known as pressing which is a low cost high manufacturing process that can make several copies of the same shape. There are several techniques to make these shapes and they are punching, blanking, embossing, coining, bending, and flanging. Punching is when a scrap piece of metal was removed when the punch enters in the die.

Blanking is the process in which the work piece is removed from the main piece of metal causing it to be known as a blank. Embossing is when a raised or recessed designed made in the sheet metal by the metal being passed through the roller die. Coining is actually a bending technique where the work piece of the metal is stamped while being held into place. When the tip punches the metal creating a hole that provides relief to the metal.

Bending is when the metal is bent into the shapes of choice such as L, U, or V. Flanging is when using a flare or flange to the work piece that is used with dies, presses, or specialized machinery.

There are several machines that help form the metal in the stamping process. Some of the machines are programmable, while others are computer numerically controlled (CNC). These types of machines are used because of their ability to provide precision and their ability to repeat each stamp the same way.

The common types of presses are mechanical, hydraulic, and mechanical servo. The mechanical press uses a motor and flywheel to keep energy stored. They use a 5mm to 500mm punch so there are a wide variety of items that can be made. These can be faster then the hydraulic presses with a range of 20 to 1500 strokes per minute The hydraulic presses use a special fluid to make the force to stamp materials.

This type of press goes from 10mm to 800mm strokes per minute. Hydraulic presses are flexible because you can control pressure easier and adjustable stroke length. The last type of presses are mechanical servo which uses high capacity motors. This type is the most expensive and are the fastest than the hydraulic presses. This machine is controllable and programmable. It is important to know which press would fit your needs the best.

The stamping process is used for several different things. There is a need for costume stamping in the medical field. They used the stamping for springs and electronic shield that is for vital monitoring equipment that is used daily to help people in the medical field. They used an ESI system that makes it possible to stamp many parts at once, along with limiting costs and reducing lead time. Electrical connector cover is something else that is stamped and there has been an easier process found by making a tool to die stamp it to make all in one piece instead of two pieces.

 There are custom made stamping parts to help with automotive airbags. These parts are needed to be able to handle high pressure because when airbags deploy there is a lot of force. There are many different things that stamping can be used for from medical to automotive to household items.

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