Business Schools that Accept Low GMAT Scores

You won’t be the first b-school applicant to score low in GMAT and you won’t be the last. If your efforts are proving repeatedly futile in scoring high, you can always move on by enrolling in colleges that accept a GMAT average lower than 650.

A lot of b-schools accepting low GMAT averages feature in the Financial Times Global’s list of top schools, and it’s not for nothing! Besides the test score, there are still four major parts of the college application that you need to focus on to prove your eligibility and get through selection with flying colours. So, give GMAT the due time and effort a challenging test as it demands, but not an ounce more.

Start thinking ahead if your GMAT Result is falling through even after successive attempts, and apply at the following reputed colleges that hold different benchmarks for testing your business aptitude:

Warwick Business School

Location: Coventry, UK

One of the UK’s finest b-schools, WBS provides courses in finance and business research. It has earned league table rankings through the years attracts strong tie-ups with different global business communities.

There’s a challenging and highly innovative learning culture present at Warwick that encourages debate and seeks to create impact, producing entrepreneurial minds who are driven by inquisitiveness and excellence.

The average gmat score for getting through selection in this college is 647.

George Washington University School of Business (GWSB)

Location: Washington D.C., USA

 GWSB is renowned for offering excellence in business education and management. There is exposure to learn international business and finance and understanding of small business fields and diverse entrepreneurship. GWSB has featured for four consecutive times in the Top 50 Undergraduate Business Programs by World Report for its MBA program.

Beside the gmat score, the selection here is also based on– applicant’s professional experience, academic preparation and academic performance, the applicant’s Statement of Purpose, admission interview, and strength of recommendations.

The average GMAT score accepted by this business school is 646.

The Lisbon MBA

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

The Lisbon MBA is a collaboration between Catolica-Lisbon and NOVA-SBE (2 top-ranking business schools in Lisbon) and the Sloan School of Management. The distinguishing feature about this MBA is that over the 12-month program, students can live in three different global cities for international business exposure.

The best takeaways from this MBA are– real-world experience, additional networking opportunities with companies in your choice of industry, a Friday Forum that focuses on interpersonal skills and leadership, and the MIT immersion experience.

Applicants get through in this course with an average gmat score of 645!

Rutgers University

Location: New Jersey, USA

Rutgers offers both full-time and flexible MBA programs with the scope for students to combine their business management training with another advanced degree. Combinations include MBA with masters in public policy, or MBA with biomedical sciences, or with other degrees.

Rutgers makes real-world experience possible for its graduates with in-depth consultations, internships, mentoring, and case-study curriculums. International study opportunities at Rutgers can take you to China, Costa Rica, India, France, and Germany.

Best of all, it doesn’t matter if you have low GMAT scores, Lisbon MBA accepts an average score of 645.

Erasmus University-Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)

Location: Netherlands

One of the finest in Europe, this B-school has the distinguishable Triple Crown Accreditation and ranks among the top 10 list by the Financial Times of Best European Business Schools. The Triple Crown Accreditation is held by less than 1 % of global b-schools, determined by AACSM, AMBA, and EQUiS– the most influential of international accreditation bodies.

Rotterdam has the hallmark of a top tier b-school and accepts an average GMAT score of 640.

As you can see, having a low gmat score is surely not the end of the world!

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