Customizing Shop Management Software for Auto Repair Businesses

Nothing beats having the right set of resources to use for the running of your business activities. It is even more interesting if the tools within your reach are such that they can be designed or customized for the particular business you do. And as far as this article is concerned, the focus is shop management software.

This tool has been tremendously valuable for owners or managers of auto repair shops. It enables you to organize your activities and streamline your tasks. The system is also available on your smartphone, mobile devices, or some desktop computer in the office, making it more accessible for you. This benefit ensures you will have better control and management of operations within your shop.

It also presents you with a platform to store vital information that will be useful for your business.

Features of Shop Management Software

You won’t need to stock up loads of paper files for record-keeping if you have the shop management software installed for your business processes. Some of the resources you will be able to store on the software are highlighted below:

Customer Records

Having a viable customer record, you can always refer to is feasible with this management software. You will input information about your customers on the software, as well their job/order status, upcoming needs, and anything else vital to that customer. As a result, it becomes easier to follow up with them and inform them about the status of their automobile’s repair.

This type of record will also be valuable whenever you do a business evaluation to see the size of your customer base. It is valuable when assessing how well you have maintained a thriving business. In essence, the effective storage of your customers’ records on the software could become a worthwhile element that contributes to your marketing drive.

Vendor List

The relevance of a vendor to an auto repair business cannot be undermined. Having the details of vendors within reach is a luxury any goal-oriented shop owner or operator would love to have. With the information – about contact, location, etc. – on the vendors duly stored on the software, you don’t have to scamper around looking for how to reach them when the urgent need for spare parts arises.

Employee Records

This software also allows you to store all employee records in one spot. You will appreciate this tool when evaluating staff, determining raises, and considering if you need to hire more staff. It can ultimately let you know the areas where your business may be lagging as per human resources.

Financial Records

The financial records of your business can also be stored on this software. In fact, some vendors have designed software that will work in tandem with other financial instruments on your work devices. So, having your financial details under one platform will be uncomplicated – from your profit details to tax remittances, sales records, and so on.


These are just a few of the customizations available with TekMetric’s auto shop management software. When speaking to a salesperson, ask about others to ensure you are purchasing the right software for you.

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