Center of Gravity in Sports

When we hear the term of the center of gravity, we can relate it to an object’s center point where the entire weight of that object is concentrated. Which is also close to the definition of center of gravity. center of gravity is defined as the average location in which all the weight of the body is concentrated. It could also be called the balance point of an object.

The center of gravity is considered to be one of the important concepts in determining the stability of the body.

Equation of center of Gravity

The equation of the center of gravity is as given below:

CG = (W1d1 + W2d2 + …..)/W


  • CG is the center of gravity
  • W is the overall weight of the object
  • W1d1, W2d2 are the moments where W is the weight of the object and d is the location of the object

What is the Importance?

The concept of the center of gravity is considered to have certain importance which is used in the designing of the object. Following are the two properties which are based on the location of the object:

  • The rotation of the object in the space is based on the center of gravity.
  • When force is applied to the center of gravity of an object, it causes translation.

The location for a body is considered in designing the objects with the flight. This parameter is used in designing the rockets and also in automobile industries.

Stability in Sports Using center of Gravity

Another interesting fact is that the center of gravity is used in sports too. Understanding the center of gravity of our own body helps in attaining stability which helps in sports. This point is present in the middle of the body where the entire body’s weight is maintained. At this point, the body can rotate in all directions as the weight is balanced from the opposite side. By understanding this simple concept, athletes can improve their static as well as dynamic balances.

Principles of Stability Using COG

  • When the COG of an athlete is maintained over the base, then it becomes easy to maintain balance when they are still. This technique is used by the free weight lifters where they maintain balance by squatting.
  • If the athlete loses their balance, it can be regained by enlarging the base of the support as this repositions the COG. This method is used when the boxer is pushed harder and he can regain balance by moving the feet wider at the back.
  • Lifting heavy weights becomes when the body is shifted to the opposite side as this helps in maintaining the body balance.
  • When the COG is over the middle of the base, it becomes easy to maintain the body balance. This technique is used while doing headstands. The center of the base of support is created by the hands and the COG is maintained over this.
  • Stability can be acquired by the athlete when he or she lowers their COG. This is used by shot put players where they bend their knees to gain stability and also to avoid fouls.

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