Clean Your Gym Floors Using These Simple And Effective Tips

The gym floor is a fundamental point for workouts. Whether it’s in a sports facility or a school, its quality affects its users’ safety and enjoyment. Hardwood gym floors are standard in American high schools because they can withstand wear and tear and the most aggressive sports for an extended period.

If it’s used daily, its appearance and strength will change. However, if you maintain it properly, it’ll last for the longest time possible. One of the ways of maintaining gym flooring is by cleaning. But if your surface can’t be maintained, you can buy gym flooring here.

Here are ways of cleaning your floor to ensure it lasts for long.

  1. Wet Clean The Floor

Physical exercise makes users produce sweat containing oils, salt, and high-protein content that can fall on the floor and accumulate over time. Wet cleaning your gym floor by mopping with a hardwood gym flooring cleaner can effectively remove these dirt types. Solvent-based cleaners and little water don’t break down the residue and can result in a slippery floor. Therefore, you need to ensure you clean it with the right amount of water.

  1. Scrab Your Floor Using An Automatic Scrubber If Possible

Mopping can be a tedious exercise, especially in a large gym. Using an automatic scrubbing machine can help you to leave your floor cleaner and drier quickly. Automatic scrubbers come in various types and sizes. Depending on your machine’s type and size, your surface can be clean and dry within 15 minutes. You shouldn’t be worried about moisture or weight issues if your hardwood gym floor has a quality finish and is in good condition. You should scrub it at least once a day.

 However, if this isn’t possible, ensure you at least do it once a week. You shouldn’t allow sweat, dirt, and dust to accumulate on the surface. Also, when scrubbing, ensure you dilute the correct amount of detergent with water. Too much detergent can leave residues and make the floor sticky. Sticky floors accumulate dirt quickly and may also be slippery.

  1. Dust-Mop Your Floors

Dust-mopping protects gym floors because it helps in removing dust. Traditional methods for dust-mopping include using a treated dust-mop to absorb dust. Though this method is preferred, it’s counterproductive because most treatments are oil-based and may leave residues on the floor surfaces. Even the water-based treatments leave a dirt film behind. When these residues are left behind, they trap dirt, which may scratch the finish. When they combine with sweat, they become more slippery and dangerous.

Microfiber dust mops are the best for dust-mopping because they can trap dirt without being treated. You can also use them for in-depth cleaning and wet-mopping. Experts recommend that you dust mop your facility at least once a day. Some recommend dust-mopping between games to make your floor last longer and enable it to provide the best possible playing surface.

Final Words

Gym floors can be kept in their best condition through a simple cleanup exercise. Cleaning your floors with proven detergents and treatments will deliver the best results. If you clean your floors daily, they’ll last for long and provide a safe surface for users

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