Here is the Buddhist Funeral Etiquette You Should Know If You Ever Attend One

The mourners present in a Buddhist funeral should always adhere to the funerary behavior appropriate for a somber ever: a quiet and respectful demeanor.

  1. Typical attire

Buddhism is practiced by a lot of people from various culture, so the attire may also vary according to the heritage. The family dons white and the friends don black. The Japanese Buddhist mourners don black but others may put on white. In any situation, bright colors are never appropriate and neither is showcase of wealth when wearing the clothing. There may also be some kneeling on a cushion for prayer in the funeral, so remember that when choosing a funeral attire.

  1. Proper behavior

When you arrive at a funeral or wake, you need to proceed quietly to the altar. When the mourners reach the casket, the etiquette calls for them to pay the respect with a slight bow, folded hands in a prayer position. They may also pause in front of the casket for a quiet moment of reflection. After they are done paying the respects, the mourners get seated and wait for the service to start. Usually, follow the behavior like sitting and standing go. If they stand, the mourners must stand as well.

  1. Service expectations

The service must entail sermons, chanting and eulogies which are delivered by monks and other Buddhists who knew the deceased person. There may also be group meditation organized. The mourners must always be a part of the chanting, if they cannot, they should just sit quietly. The service may last less than an hour and must not be recorded by the mourners on any type of camera. Some families also hire Buddhist funeral services in Singapore so as to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Some FAQs regarding Buddhist funerals

  1. How are the deceased buried?

The rites may vary, but usually, there is a funeral service with an altar to the deceased. There may be prayers and meditation and the body is cremated after the service. Many times, the body is cremated after the wake, so in short, a funeral is a cremation service.

  1. What is the funeral like?

Buddhists don’t have hard and fast rules for their funerals, but there would be an open casket, a funeral that is held before cremation or a memorial service that takes place once the burial or cremation is done. No matter what events take place, the funeral will always involve prayer and meditation which is led by a monk or monks. The chanting will be done by the family if there are no monks in the funeral.

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