Questions for Your Sober Living Recovery Facility  

If you are looking for a sober living recovery facility, there are some questions you should ask in order to find the right fit for you.

What services are provided?

Most sober living recovery facilities will not provide treatment but many can provide support services. Ask about different services such as recreational activities, educational groups, and peer counseling. Ask to see a resident calendar that lists any activities, events, and groups. You can also ask about the building itself. How many people are sharing a bedroom or a bathroom?

What are the rules?

All sober living facilities will have rules in order to provide support and structure for the residents. It’s important to see a copy of the rules before you decide on a facility. It is necessary to be aware of the rules that you will live under during your stay because the rules can give you an idea of the structure that is provided. Rules can include meeting requirements, telephone limitations, or curfew. You could be responsible for reporting your whereabouts. There may also be a minimum stay requirement. If residents are leaving after only a week, there could be issues with the home or a problem with residents relapsing.

What is the drug screening policy?

Drug screening is the likely way that residents will verify sobriety. Methods can vary and it’s important to know what drugs are being tested and how often the drug tests happen.

What are the costs?

You want to make sure the sober home can fit in your budget. Besides just the rent, you want to know about any additional fees. Are you also expected to pay for drug testing, utilities, and food? Are there fines if you break any of the house rules? You need to be aware of all the possible expenses so you can accurately calculate the monthly costs.

What happens if a resident relapses?

A sober home will not allow active alcohol or drug users. If a home does then it won’t be a safe place for any recovering addicts. There should be a zero-tolerance policy in place, but it’s helpful if the home will also provide assistance to relapsing residents. A home may be able to direct a resident to a safe place with higher levels of treatment.

What is the staff ratio?

It’s important to ask about the staff ratio, as well as the staff’s certifications, training, and degrees. The greater your needs are, the more qualified you want the staff to be. Staff ratio will determine the amount of care and individual attention you will get. See if there is a staff member or a house manager on site 24 hours a day. It can also be important that a neutral third party is available to handle any disagreements and has the responsibility of dealing with residents who could be intoxicated.

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