What’s Your Choice- French Press Machine Or The Espresso Machine? 

Coffee is one of the most preferred drinks in the world. Almost half of the population is united with a single drink i.e. coffee. This wonder drink comes with several incredible benefits. Having a cup of hot coffee early in the morning rejuvenates the body and refreshes the mood. Thus, it helps to begin the day with all good and positive vibes.

Thus, if you are a coffee lover then you might be familiar with the coffee maker machine. But are you aware of the difference between the French Press Machine and Best Espresso Machine?  If not, don’t worry we have highlighted certain factors that will give light to the difference between French press machine and espresso machine.

  1. Famous Latte Art

The best espresso machine comes with a method that passes hot water with great pressure through the grounds that deliver amazing latter art. Therefore, if you love latte coffee then you can blindly trust the espresso machine. The French Press won’t be able to produce the thick layer of crema that eliminates the scope of crafting the famous latte art on it.

Thus, the difference comes with the working of the french press machine and the espresso machine. You can easily find the crema in the shot of espresso. This subsequently adds up to the texture of the coffee.

  1. High-Rich Taste

The French Press machines deliver better taste with the lighter roasts than the best Espresso machine. Espresso machines keep the water in contact with the coffee grounds for less time. Thus, it couldn’t give high-rich taste with the lighter roasts. If you are fond of light roast grounds then you can go for the French Press machine. Otherwise, for the hard ground brewing and taste, the espresso machine is the best.

  1. Quick Working

Whenever it comes to the speed of preparing coffee, nobody can beat the best espresso machine. Just like its name, espresso works quickly and swiftly and deliver the hot cup of espresso in no time. For the standard shot of espresso, half a minute is enough. On the other hand, the French Press machine takes good 4-5 minutes to brew the coffee.

  1. Finely Ground Coffee

While making the cup of espresso coffee, you need finely ground coffee. The hot water coming from the machine allows it to resist the fine coffee grounds. Also, this brews the coffee a bit more out of the grounds. Thus, there are chances that the coffee gets bitter in taste. However, if you use the larger grind in the espresso than you would end up with very watery coffee.

On the other side, for the french press machine, you require medium-coarse grounds. Thus, the best espresso machine is the ideal choice for all the household.

Wrapping Up

The main difference between the French Press Machine and Espresso is the beverage you want to drink. Depending on the different features, the Espresso machines successfully creates a corner in our hearts and homes. So if not yet get the best espresso machine to your home now. Even double your pleasure with the purchase of the best espresso machine with a flat 10% cashback only at K2 Appliances.

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