Why Leather Gun Holsters Are So Popular?

Guns and holsters are like soulmates, it is difficult for one to exist without the other. A gun may get damaged and worn out if not kept properly, and what use will a holster have without a gun, specifically leather gun holsters. As the topic is about guns and holsters, two neighbouring countries are famous for guns, America and Mexico. Americans, are simply fond of keeping a gun and Mexican cowboys are incomplete without a gun. Both countries seem to have complex and, strong bonding with guns.

Which material is best?

This does not mean that people from other countries do not like to keep a gun they do. As myriads of people keep guns, the need for holsters arises. Firstly, you should decide if you want to own a gun, and once you are clear about that, think about getting a holster for it. For those who have already decided, which holster to keep, go with your decision. For those unable to decide, read this article. Though there are various materials available in the market used for making a holster, leather has no competition, having leather gun holsters gives a different vibe.

If you want to dye your leather holster, it is possible. If you wish to go with the classic leather colour, that is a great choice. Mainly a holster is tied around the waist, but it can also be tied around the shoulder or any other body part. Comfort and durability are inherent qualities of leather, you can expect your leather gun holsters to last almost a lifetime if kept properly. Comfort and great looks are the cherries on the top. Never doubt the durability of leather, you can find leather holsters in the museum which are more than 100 years old and still look like they are in their 20s, stunning and strong.

Why people prefer leather

Some of the other popular holsters are Kydex and nylon are in talks, but not as popular as a leather holsters. There are many areas where the leather holster proves to be more flexible and better than the other two. Leather lasts longer than Kydex and nylon. Moreover, Kydex and nylon are restricted in their style statement, whereas leather gun holster provides ample styling options. Nylon might be cheap, and long-lasting, and leather might be a bit costly, but you must be familiar with its durability if you have a leather product.

Suede leather can also be a good option as a gun holster. It is relatively thin, comforting and protective for your gun. There is one particular benefit of carrying o leather gun holster, very few people are aware of it, but we thought we should reveal this secret to our curious readers. The thing is if you change your gun frequently, or even occasionally, you won’t have to change your holster. The same holster can work for similar types of guns, but that’s not the case with holsters made up of other materials. You WILL have to change the holster with the new type of gun, even if the new gun is slightly different from your previous one.

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